I CAN FLY! Toddler II Unit on Transportation

Our Toddler II Class loves the song, “I Can Fly!” Our teachers followed the Reggio approach and developed a unit on transportation based on the children’s interest in flying. The children worked together to paint a beautiful sky. They read books about different types of transportation in the air and watched a video of a rocket taking off! Conversations grew amongst the children, and their teachers. They were very excited and wanted to know more! Part of the unit included making binoculars so the children could go on an “Air transportation” hunt outside. With binoculars in hand, our Toddler II’s journeyed around the playground, binoculars pointed upward looking for any signs of airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters…..possibly a rocket? Once back inside, they used their bodies to imitate various types of “air transportation”. The little learners began making their own hot air balloon, a rocket and an airplane. All this excitement and interest sparked by the singing and listening to the words of a song. Ask your little learner about all the fun they had during this unit of study.

Here are the lyrics to “I Can Fly” by Choosy Kids off the album, I’m Moving, I’m Learning

Attention Choosy passengers

This is your flight captain speaking
We’re going to pretend to fly in the sky

First off, we’re going to be an airplane
So put your arms out to your sides
And remember, when we take off
You can fly only into open spaces
And don’t bump into any other planes
Here we go…. 4, 3, 2, 1
Fly forward… Swoop down low….

Now fly backwards…. Now let’s land
And freeze
Now we’re going to be a rocket
And fly high into outer space

So put your hands over your head in a point
Now remember after take-off, fly only into open spaces
Get ready…. 4, 3, 2, 1
Tip toe into space… Jump forward…
Jump backward… Now let’s land

Now we’re going to fly in a hot air-balloon
Show me how big your balloon is
Everyone stand up and step inside the balloon
Ok, get ready for lift off… 4, 3, 2, 1
Move around like you’re inside a hot air-balloon…
Turn around… Cool, now let’s land

Great Job Choosy flyers!

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