Portfolios and Children Observations are the foundation of our assessments at Fundamentals. Teachers will carefully observe and interact with children throughout the day documenting the child’s own words, actions, and investigations. Samples will be kept of the skill being worked on through pictures, work samples, and recordings.

Developmental checklists will be used to keep track of developmental progress as it happens within their environment. As infants and children are observed, teachers will mark off any developmental skills being exhibited.

This form of developmental tracking and assessment is authentic and keeps the focus on children learning, playing, and enjoying their experiences. Your child’s portfolio will be available to you at all times. Teachers will also share each portfolio with you at our Student Led Conferences. Each child’s portfolio will travel with them through their time at the center, making this a special treasure to have when your child exits Fundamentals to go to kindergarten. You will have a very unique scrap book of pictures, observations, and samples from your child’s investigations at Fundamentals.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to look over your little one’s portfolio, or if you ever have any questions about any of the observations.

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