2 years ago I was sitting in a pediatrician appointment with my children nearly in tears because I thought I had done something wrong since my oldest child would not talk very much. The pediatrician had suggested that he just needed friends more around his age and maybe I should look at putting him in a day care at least one day a week. After searching and coming up empty I called Fundamentals and the process was very quick to get him started. A few weeks later he started talking more and within 6 months he was starting to make sense and could start to speak in sentences. Fundamentals provided the right environment and the educational team that made him feel safe and encouraged him to play and learn with the other children. Now he doesn't stop talking ☺

Kathy Reher

We love Fundamentals! I toured many childcare centers before choosing Fundamentals. There is a true atmosphere of love and caring for all children at Fundamentals. We have been there for 4 wonderful years.

Kaylene Cribbs

We are a military family that got stationed here in Farmington, we searched for a facility that our daughter could attend. We made calls and visits around town but at the end of it all, I found myself begging Fundamentals to let our daughter attend. Fundamentals has been an amazing place for our daughter because they foster growth not only mentally, but physically as well. Fundamentals is surrounded by an exciting, challenging, and caring embrace! When we leave, we will be saying that we wish we had a Fundamentals at our new duty station.

Carlos Lucero

I am so very impressed with Fundamentals!
My daughter has bloomed since going. I'm an older patent, so it has really helped her to have others her age around her to learn age appropriate behaviors. I'm very thankful for Fundamentals

Rikka Bonnette

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