Toddler I Program: (1 teacher/4 toddlers) ratio 1:4
Typical Ages: 18m-28m

Our Toddler I program learners are typically weaned from their bottles and are taking one nap. Most children in the toddler I program are feeding themselves and sleeping on cots for nap time. In this program our toddlers began to participate in a more structured routine, however it is still extremely flexible to meet their young needs. Our toddler I program begins focusing on communication, self-help, and social skills. Parents will have pre-conferences with our Toddler I teacher before transitioning to this program. Parents will receive real-time alerts throughout the day to inform them of their little one’s daily activities such as meals, moods, diapering, sleep patterns, and learning activities.

Typical Toddler I days include:

  • Music and movement
  • Interactive story time through movement, puppets, and finger plays
  • Oral language activities
  • Open art projects
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • 1-2 Small group activities
  • Individualized routines/ attention
  • Interactive play and exploration
  • Learning areas and project play
  • Sensory activities
  • Family style snacks and meals
  • Rest and relaxation
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