Toddler II

Toddler II Program: (2 teachers/ 12 children) ratio 1:6
Typical Ages: 25m-38m

Our Toddler II program is located in the preschool building and follows more of a structured routine. Our Toddler II program focuses on social and self-help skills through project based learning, play activities, and family style meals. Our young learners in this room will begin to participate in small group learning activities, as well as longer project based learning. Parents will have pre-conferences with the Toddler II teacher before transitioning or enrollment to discuss their little one’s learning, their goals, and possibly potty training. Parents will receive real-time alerts throughout the day to inform them of their little one’s daily activities such as meals, moods, diapering, potty training, sleep patterns, and learning activities.

Typical Toddler II days will include:

  • Music and movement
  • Interactive story time through movement, puppets, and finger plays
  • Oral language activities
  • Open project learning time
  • Outdoor play and exploration
  • 2-3 Directed small group activities
    - Focus on early literacy/numeracy skills
    - Examples include: colors, shapes, counting, phonemic awareness
  • Interactive play and exploration
  • Learning areas and project play
  • Open art projects
  • Sensory activities
  • Family style snacks and meals
  • Cooking activities
  • Rest and relaxation
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