Dr. Seuss Week

26 March 2018

The children had a great week during Dr. Seuss Week. We had all kinds of' fun days to celebrate. The children participated in Crazy Sock Day, Crazy Hat Day, and Crazy Hair Day just to name a few. Many activities were planned around the wonderful books that Dr. Seuss has written. Our Toddler II group participated in a Thing I and Thing 2 Art Activity. Thank you f'or all the great ideas and activities teachers! We love our families and staf'f' at Fundamentals!

Teacher of the Month

15 May 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! Ms. Kaitlin, our Infant, Toddler I and Waddler Floater was selected by her Fundamentals Family to be our Teacher of the Month for May. Ms. Kaitlin was selected because of her warm, nurturing demeanor towards the children, and her willingness to always help out her Fundamentals Family wherever needed. We are very lucky to have such wonderful teachers, and we congratulate Ms. Kaitlin for being selected Teacher of the Month! Thank you Kaitlin!

Four Star Status from FOCUS

18 April 2017

****Fundamentals is proud to announce their most recent achievement- FOCUS 4-STAR status for Learning Centers by the State of New Mexico. Thanks to the hard work of our staff and director, our center is now a 4-STAR center!  We can't thank our teachers, assistants, and staff enough for their hard work and dedication to our children and families at Fundamentals! Keep up the Great work!

I CAN FLY! Toddler II Unit on Transportation

16 January 2017

Our Toddler II Class loves the song, “I Can Fly!” Our teachers followed the Reggio approach and developed a unit on transportation based on the children’s interest in flying. The children worked together to paint a beautiful sky. They read books about different types of transportation in the air and watched a video of a rocket taking off! Conversations grew amongst the children, and their teachers. They were very excited and wanted to know more! Part of the unit included making binoculars so the children could go on an “Air transportation” hunt outside. With binoculars in hand, our Toddler II’s journeyed around the playground, binoculars pointed upward looking for any signs of airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters…..possibly a rocket? Once back inside, they used their bodies to imitate various types of “air transportation”. The little learners began making their own hot air balloon, a rocket and an airplane. All this excitement and interest sparked by the singing and listening to the words of a song. Ask your little learner about all the fun they had during this unit of study.

Here are the lyrics to “I Can Fly” by Choosy Kids off the album, I’m Moving, I’m Learning

Attention Choosy passengers

This is your flight captain speaking
We’re going to pretend to fly in the sky

First off, we’re going to be an airplane
So put your arms out to your sides
And remember, when we take off
You can fly only into open spaces

Gingerbread Houses!

21 December 2016

Our Toddler 2 Class and our Pre-School children joined their families and our staf'f' to build their own Gingerbread houses. What fun!! The best part was getting to taste the dif'ferent materials used in making these beautiful creations. Thank you to all the f'amilies that came and partici­pated in this event. Fundamentals loves their families! Happy Holidays!!

Moments with Mom Event

14 December 2016

Our Moments with Mom Event was a big hit with our “Moms” and, of course the children! We enjoyed great company and had lots of fun painting and making “Pine Cone” planters. Thank you to all the Families who attended! Our families make “FUN”damentals such a great place to grow and learn!

First "Date With Dad" Event

18 October 2016

Our first annual Date with Dad was very successful. Dads and their little ones participated in pumpkin carving and painting. I think the dads had as much fun, if not more, than the children. Thank you to all who participated. We can't wait for the next event!

Happy Birthday

29 September 2016

Happy Birthday Fundamentals! We celebrated our first birthday on September 21st! Wow, I can’t believe how much we’ve grown in just one year. “Thank you” to all of our wonderful families at Fundamentals. We are so very proud to have all of our little learners and their families celebrate with us.

Infant and Waddler Explorations

19 February 2016

Even our youngest of learners get to explore their learning with art and sensory time.  Each day our infants and waddlers make their way into our art and sensory studio to participate in learning with textures, paints, sensory bags, and more.  Our learners use sensory bottles to hear different sounds, and build their fine motor skills by trying to take pipe cleaners out of tiny holes.  Our teachers facilitate and guide our learners in open projects as well as keepsake projects for their families to treasure in their work spaces and homes. .

Learning Fun at Fundamentals

16 October 2015

We have had a great few learning weeks at our school.  Our learning family surprises us each day with their new knowledge and discovery.  We have been participating in science experiments, art and sensory projects, collaborative learning projects, music and movement, and letter study.  Our teachers document our learning thoughts and processes each day.  Stop by our school and see what great learning activities happen throughout our day.  In the project below we were investigating what the white powder and liquid was.  When we would squirt the liquid onto the powder it would make bubbles.  Some of our ideas were soap and water, or flour and water.  We all concluded that when you spray "a lot" of liquid it makes " a lot of bubbles."





Opening Week

29 September 2015

Fundamentals had a great first week with all of their new learners. We spent time getting acquainted with our new learning environment and participating in music, movement, art, sensory, writing, and much more.  Feel free to stop by at any time to see if Fundamentals would be a good fit for you and your little learner.


Ready for Learners!

10 September 2015

Fundamentals has been busy preparing their learning spaces and getting ready for our new learning family to join us.  We are ready to start experiencing the joy of learning and discovery with all of our families.  We are so excited for our opening day and new family members.


Sprucing Up Fundamentals

5 August 2015

Fundamentals has been busy sprucing up their place and putting together lots and lots of furniture for their new learning families. Thank goodness for electric screw drivers, and patient husbands.

We are getting closer and closer to having little learners in our center each day.

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